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Knuckle Joint 

Beaver Model 370D

Tired of not finding the new part you need for your Satoh Beaver.

So were we! The weak link is resolved here for the four wheel drive.

We developed and produced a better knuckle joint for the front end of your tractor!

We have produced brand new tooling!

New spline broach, new stronger material that is CNC machined, parts have been Heat-Treated for a consistent hardness throughout.

You will not find a better part today. We exceded O.E.M. part quality!

Please Note:

The U-Joint Cross Bearing is not available nor is the Driveshaft

You must re-use the originals

Please Note:

The original parts would break due to stress of being in 4x4 with a heavy load in the oversize bucket and also the gear ratio between front and rear tires on hard surfaces compounded with tire wear was more than the knuckle could take.  We have been told by several farm equipment technicians that after a load is in the bucket, or traveling on hard surfaces you should take it out of 4x4 to eliminate the stress the weight in the bucket has added to the joints and let them free wheel even if bucket is empty. Especially if there is no tiller or other implement on the rear to counter balance the tractor.

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Inner half piece only #6 slides over splined shaft

Must use existing wheel half and mate the two together

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