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Throttle Cable Holder for Edelbrock 

Throttle Cable Holder 

For Pontiac intake manifolds built by Edelbrock

Same as our Patent Pending Quadra-Jet Bracket.

If you lift any carburetor on the Edelbrock intake with a spacer. 

Lift the bracket the same amount and the geometry will be the same.

All you will need is a longer bolt or stud for different heights.

If using on an Edelbrock Perfomer intake it is recommended to lift a 1/2"  for clearance if using with an Overdrive/Transmission cable bracket.

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Same Pontiac cable clamp as our other design.


Return spring mounting positions and optional over-drive mount holes.


Optional over-drive bracket comes with S.S. hardware.

(Note Edelbrock Performer intake: 1/4" spacers will be needed to lift bracket above runner for clearance. We will put together a kit for this. Inquire)


Will fit the Edelbrock Performer and Performer RPM intakes.

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