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Welcome to Precision Specialists Web-Site.

We hope to help you with all of your Hot Melt and Packaging Components. We are a CNC Machine shop specializing in aluminum and brass billet. We build a wide variety of Hot Melt Glue Nozzles for various applications. We build Pump Blocks, Valve Body's, Spot Wheel System components, and also alot of older parts for LTI-ITW, Slautterback and Nordson. "S" heads, "A" heads, Mod Plus and some others we have incorporated internal filter systems.

We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) of Ply-Patch components. We produce the glue heads, nozzles, needles, adjusting screws and also the hold down rings.

We are adding a Pontiac Performance and Racing section on this web-site check back often!

Precision Specialists Racing Products

Billet Aluminum Specialists

Quadra Jet or Q-Jet throttle bracket

Spread bore, Rochester Qjet

Check out our Billet  Brass Golf Putters, they have a negative face for that Top Roll feel. Also take a look at our  Elite Archery Sight with Tru-Glo Fiber Optic sight pins. They are 100% CNC machined!

Not all Pricing is available yet, but will be soon.

Note: To our dealers and distributors please call for your pricing.



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Precision Specialists Inc

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