Precision Specialists Inc

Precision Specialists Inc. is a small CNC machine tooled to do small parts production & prototype work. Our specialty mill work is from billet aluminum mostly 6061-T6 airccrft grade stock. We build quality parts from start to finish. Low overhead to keep costs down. We also specialize in the packaging industry mostly in the hot melt applications.


Welcome to Precision Specialists Web-Site.

We hope to help you with all of your Hot Melt and Packaging Components. We are a CNC Machine shop specializing in aluminum and brass billet. We build a wide variety of Hot Melt Glue Nozzles for various applications. We build Pump Blocks, Valve Body's, Spot Wheel System components, and also alot of older parts for LTI-ITW, Slautterback and Nordson. "S" heads, "A" heads, Mod Plus and some others we have incorporated internal filter systems.

We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) of Ply-Patch components. We produce the glue heads, nozzles, needles, adjusting screws and also the hold down rings.

We are adding a Pontiac Performance and Racing section on this web-site check back often!

Precision Specialists Racing Products

Billet Aluminum Specialists

Quadra Jet or Q-Jet throttle bracket

Spread bore, Rochester Qjet

Check out our Billet  Brass Golf Putters, they have a negative face for that Top Roll feel. Also take a look at our  Elite Archery Sight with Tru-Glo Fiber Optic sight pins. They are 100% CNC machined!

Not all Pricing is available yet, but will be soon.

Note: To our dealers and distributors please call for your pricing.

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